Thursday, November 27, 2008

Family Meeting 11-27

We would like to thank everyone for their participation in the family meeting on Thanksgiving and also for making this a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

Meeting Minutes:
Family Dues
Janet will be collecting funds for the Woods family accounts and also the Zion account.
Everyone will need to set up a direct deposit to monthly pay the dues (amounts below) into the account set up by Janet. You can contact Janet at 702-275-4919 for the account information.
$5.00 per family per month Woods Family Fund
$10.00 per family per month Zion Fund

Russell and Avonell Woods Family Reunions
We are going to have yearly Russell and Avonell Family reunions. Monta will be host this year. The host will be able to choose the location and the date. They will also be able to make assignments as needed. This will replace our official family Christmas party. Please feel free to have unofficial family parties as desired.

Bathrooms at Zion
Each year someone will be assigned to clean the bathroom at Zion and to provide toilet paper. Jody's family will be responsible for the bathroom for the 2009 reunion. Assignments will be from the Oldest child to the youngest (Natalie will be assigned for 2010).

Getting Along
It was agreed that no will gossip anymore. Any negative feelings need to be dealt with directly by speaking to the person you have a problem with. This way we will have a stronger family relationships and there will be less hurt feelings. Let's make sure that all of our communication is positive.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is Thrusday November 27, 2008. We will be having family dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's Woods home at 1:00 pm.

The food assignments are as follows:
Mom and Dad- Pomegrante Salad, Turkey, Dressing
Monta and Louis- Rolls, Turkey and Gravy, Ham
Bryce and Ejona- Corn and Green Beans
Kira and Sione- Pumpkin Roll, Cranberry Sauce
Devin and Kaitlyn- Sweet potatoes
Natalie and Ron- Potatoes
Alexa and Jetmir- Butter
Janet and Lorin- Deviled Eggs, Vegetable platter
Stacy and Heather- Heather's Speciality Salad
Kelly and M'lissa- Pickles and Olives
Tiffany and Frank- Potatoe Chips and Sour CreamDips

Everyone is also assigned to bring 2- 2 liter bottles of soda and a dessert (preferably pie)
Everyone is also asked to donate $5 per couple for the turkey and ham.

If you have any questions please either comment on this post or contact Monta at

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthdays and Upcoming Events

On the right hand side of the page we have added an Upcoming Events list. We would also like to add birthday's to this list. If anyone has an upcoming event or a birthday that they would like to have posted please either comment on this post or email the admin at

Sunday, October 19, 2008


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